Dear god, You Missed!

A couple of years back, Kim Jong-ill, the odd little fellow wearing platform shoes and the poofy, foo-foo, hair doo, not to settle for the mere title dictator of North Korea, had proclaimed himself to be god. His daddy, Kim Il Sung, was worshiped as god for having vanquished the Japanese during WWII. Never mind that North Korea is supposed to be a communist state, (thus, atheistic), now that the old man's dead, sonny boy has a lot to live up to.

For the United States of America's big annual Fourth of July, Independence Day celebration the other day, Kim launched ten missiles, at least one of which was an ICBM, potentially capable of hitting anywhere in the world. It is rather ironic that America should traditionally celebrate the patriotic occasion by firing off tremendous amounts of Chinese fireworks, and that Kim would join in the festivities by firing off a bunch of rockets also of Chinese design.

Back in the days of "launch on warning," nations understood that any launch of an ICBM from Russia or China would result in an immediate retaliation of an all out nuclear assault from the United States, at the very instant that the enemy launch was detected. Now North Korea launches ten missiles, and what does the United States do? Nothing? Perhaps.

What was Kim thinking? Was he prepared for total nuclear annihilation of his country? Was he even in North Korea at the time of the launch? Was he counting on the fact that the United States has 35,000 troops stationed in Seoul, and that America would not be willing to nuke it's own forces? Could Kim be so shrewd as to know that the US would realize that he was only bluffing, or that US military intelligence could be certain that his technology was not yet ready?

The newspaper headlines all called the launch by North Korea a "missile test," but North Korea never qualified it as such. The technology was obtained from Pakistan who got it from China. This is tried, tested, and proven effective weaponry. What need was there for a test? North Korea claims to already have nuclear weapons as well. There are estimates that they might have as many as eight such deadly devices. These haven't been tested by North Korea yet, either. Why not? The problem is that you can't have your cake and eat it too. What good does it do to test a scarce, expensive weapon, only to be without it when you really need it. With a limited arsenal of eight, that doesn't leave much of a reserve for future deployment.

Could it be that the launch of ten missiles was an attempt to overwhelm America's defenses? To try and confuse an updated PATRIOT system with decoys, as one big ICBM with a nuclear warhead sneaks on past the net to strike LA?

By coincidence, NASA sent Space Shuttle Discovery, mission STS-121, into space, against better judgement, on the same day as the attack. The chief engineer and head of safety refused to sign off on the mission. Could it be that the so-called "Star Wars" weapons system is currently in place and now proven effective; as evidenced by video footage from space shuttle missions STS-48 & STS-80?

Could it be the real test was to determine the effectiveness of America's defensive capabilities? North Korea is a proxy of Russia and China, as is Iran. While North Korea is an expendable pawn, Iran has value because of the oil. War may be waged over oil, but one cannot be fought without it.

Kim Jong ill has stated that if US troops try to withdraw from the border of North Korea, he will consider it an indication that the US military is preparing to launch a nuclear attack, and so he has threatened that at the first indication of US troop withdrawal that he will immediately retaliate by attacking US troops.

Major Ed Dames, US Army Intelligence, (retired), has gone on record as predicting that North Korea would indeed attack in such an event, by detonating a nuclear bomb, already in place, in one of the vast networks of underground tunnels, beneath the border between North and South Korea. Seeing as how Kim's missiles have been found ineffective, Dames' prediction may be one step closer to fulfillment.

- The Overthinker
  July 5th, 2006

ADDENDUM: Captain Lisa M Nowak , USN/NASA, served most valiantly on Discovery, STS-121. So then why was NASA so forth coming with outrageous allegations against her, in addition to those made in her trail by the media? She was reported to have been chasing after someone, but wouldn't it make more sense that perhaps it was she herself, who was being chased? What might she have witnessed on STS-121? Might there not have been orders for non-disclosure? How could this have affected her emotional well being? Could it be that she had begun to talk about it?

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